• Active/Relaxed
  • Methodical/Carefree
  • Intro/Extrovert
  • Traditional/Experimental
  • Romantic/Spicy

Active & Relaxed Edit

"Your client will want to know if their date is a busy-bee or lounge-lizard...take it from my experience!" - Kitty

Active individuals with this personality are more outgoing and sporty.

Relaxed individuals tend to be more laid-back or lazy.

Example SituationsEdit

Play Tennis Play a board game
Do aerobics to a fitness video Slob on the sofa
Preferred gadget: a pedometer A massage chair
Get up and dance Sit and watch
Join the soccer team Politely decline
Walk up the hundreds of stairs to visit a famous landmark Find a pub because the lift is busted
Get stuck in your partner to take up ballroom dancing Tell your partner they're having a laugh


  • Active personalities won't eat 'unhealthy' desserts, but Relaxed personalities always will.

Methodical & Carefree Edit

Methodical individuals with this personality are more logical and organized.

Carefree individuals tend to be more impulsive and they don't have anything to worry about.

Example SituationsEdit

As far as your car goes, you do regular maintenance Drive it until it blows up
Organize felt tip pens by shade Chuck them in the box
Take time to get to know someone Dive in head-first
Have an itinerary Take each day as it comes
Cleaning out cupboards, you label everything Throw it all in a bin bag
Play to win Play for fun
Gadgets should have lots of functionality when you're choosing to buy one Make do with a cheap model

Introvert & Extrovert Edit

Introvert individuals with this personality prefer to spend time alone and gain energy through enjoying their time to themselves.

Extrovert individuals tend to prefer the company of others and recharge their energy from being around people.

Example SituationsEdit

When you have to decorate a room, you do it yourself, the way you like it Organize a painting party
When out shopping, you like to be left to browse Like to be helped by the staff
A secluded Hideaway A busy city with friends
At a party, you sit in the corner looking at your phone Mingle with everybody
A discreet family saloon A flashy supercar

Traditional & Experimental Edit

Traditional individuals with this personality prefer to do things the same way that they have always been done and less likely to try new things and to seek new experiences.

Experimental individuals tend to prefer to do things the modern, innovative way and more likely to try new things and to seek new experiences.

Example SituationsEdit

A nice leatherbound book journal An online blog
Doing finances, you go to the bank in person Do Internet banking
Trying to answer a difficult question, you ask your Mom/Mum Do a search online
Put cash under your mattress Buy Bitcoins on a USB stick
A new potato peeler The latest smartphone
Play a board game Play video games

Romantic & Spicy Edit

Romantic individuals with this personality prefer the blander or softer choice and are platonic & friendly (fluff).

Spicy individuals tend to be more inclined to be exciting and adventurous in their everyday lives.

Example SituationsEdit

Going to a toga party, you wear a king-size sheet A napkin
Your partner wants to spice up your relationship, you make them a hot curry Buy a skimpy outfit
When buying a bed, you consider how well you will sleep How strong the bedsprings are
Go to a poetry reading Go to a burlesque show
A bunch of roses Some massage oil
Go on a date to an afternoon tearoom a Drag cabaret show

Trivia Edit

  • Spicy individuals like it when you admit the person in the dating dilemma is your ex, While romantic individuals will hate it and you will get a strike